Empowering form building with AI

Experience lightning-fast form creation with our AI generator in Figma. AI will automatically generate  form elements and relevant content based on your prompt. Drag and drop these elements onto your form, and they'll seamlessly adapt to the design you envisioned.

Take customisation to new heights

After AI generates your form, you have full control to fine-tune and edit the design in Figma. Let your creativity flow without boundaries! Once you've crafted the perfect form, publish it effortlessly or embed it on your website to gather responses from your audience

Already have an existing design ?

No worries! You can copy-paste your existing Figma design elements into the form, and add form elements available to you in the Weavely kit. Style them to match your design. As easy as that!

Our goal is forms without limits

We’ve just launched our plugin in beta and there are still some limitations to what you can do with our tool. But we’re working hard to launch abetter improved version with data logic, useful integrations and many other advanced features.