Meet the team that
weaves it all together.

There’s an ambitious and growing team working behind the scenes at Weavely. That’s how we continue to evolve and meet the needs of our users.

Our Story

A one-Man PhD Project
Funded by Innoviris, Jesse set out to develop a graphical programming language to help citizen scientists build their own citizen observatories (mobile apps, dashboards, etc.)
The FLAMENCO project
Convinced by the power of Jesse's technology, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) funded a 4 year project during which the technology was further developed and implemented at various partners.
A year of pivots
A single encounter changes everything: meeting Tine Peeters from Studio Dott, Jesse – joined by Florian – realizes that the technology has potential as a tool to prototype and validate digital products in general. With the help of an ISS grant by VLAIO, they decide to spin-off the technology from the VUB and rebrand it as
From (Pre-)Seed to Sappling
After initial traction among the product design community in Flanders, the team decides to raise its pre-seed with the support of finance& and Qbic, grow their human resources and bring to market a first full version of the platform.
From to's user base has grown from 0 to 3.5K users in just one year time. It has become a solution to many UX/UI designers looking for more advanced prototyping in Figma. In summer 2023, the team decided to focus on a new product dedicated to creating forms & surveys from Figma designs, now under a new name