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More than just a design kit. Weavely is the first ever AI form builder in Figma. Design forms in Figma, publish and collect responses with the Weavely plugin. And it’s free!

Launch a form straight from Figma in 3 simple steps

Provide a simple description, and Weavely will create a form complete with form elements and relevant content
Easily customise the copy, type of elements, and design, as much as you need.
When ready, just click "publish" and enjoy collecting unlimited responses to your form!

Custom forms to fit all
use cases

User Research
Build forms with unparalleled UX to collect more valuable insights, feedback, and preferences from your respondents. Understand consumers’ needs and behaviour and boost user experience in a data-driven way.
Running user research with a form built in Figma
build lead generations forms in Figma
Capture potential leads, customer inquiries, event registrations, content downloads and contact information for targeted marketing campaigns. Bring true customisation to your lead generation funnel by embedding forms in live websites and A/B test different designs.
Conduct various types of surveys and gather opinions. Whether it’s a market research, a customer satisfaction survey or an academic study - there’s no limit to contents and looks of your survey.
Design and publish complex survey in Figma with Weavely

Our vision

Limitless Logic

Make user experiences truly tailored and personalised thanks to our fusion of design and logic. Effortlessly build forms of any complexity level and integrate conditional logic that adapts and responds based on user input.

Limitless Design

Embrace the freedom that Figma offers to experiment, iterate, and innovate. There are no boundaries to how your form can look like. From the structure and layout to the colours and typography, every aspect is entirely up to you.

Limitless Responses

Enjoy the limitless number of responses from your respondents. Furthermore, there’s no limit to the kind of responses you wish to collect — whether it’s text, images, speech or location.

What our users say about Weavely

"I found it super easy and simple to create a form, it’s flexible and has a lot of options. I can imagine to use this plugin to get quick feedback on a concept I did on Figma, instead of going in a Google form."

A 5-star review for the Weavely Forms plugin for Figma
Claire Pons, Lead Product Designer

"Great plugin to easily create and customise your poll. There are many free online poll tools available, but Weavely provides the opportunity to customise and create something truly beautiful that, for instance, aligns with your brand colours. And it's easy for UI designers like me."

A 5-star review for the Weavely Forms plugin for Figma
Adam Bogusiak, UI Designer

"I absolutely loved using Weavely to create functional forms. The feature I'm most excited about is the auto-save function, which will save users' progress as they go along. This is a game-changer for me. Weavely is perfect for those who, like me, enjoy customising the design and want to speed up project implementation with no-code. It's also great for user surveys."

A 5-star review for the Weavely Forms plugin for Figma
Karla Fernandes, Digital Product Designer

"A great way to build forms that respect our branding."

A 5-star review for the Weavely Forms plugin for Figma
Antoine Brohette, UX/UI Designer