Meet Weavely, the First AI Form Building Plugin for Figma

Hi! It's Weavely, the first ever plugin for launching forms and surveys in Figma. With Weavely, any Figma user can now generate forms with AI, customise their design, publish fully working forms and collect responses. We created this tool for people looking for custom solutions to build forms & surveys, and who love keeping all their designs in Figma. And even if you're not a Figma pro, it's still the easiest way to create the most customisable forms, as Figma is highly user friendly. At the same time, it gives you unlimited opportunities for your form design. And doesn’t limit you in the number of responses you can collect.

With our AI form generator, going from an idea to a deployed form only takes 3 simple steps. Take a look!

Alternative to Google Forms and Expensive Form Builders

Having analysed usage data of our prototyping tool (another product by Weavely), we've noticed an interesting pattern. Numerous users were building forms in Figma with the help of our plugin. Delving deeper into the topic, we received lots of user feedback that we could summarise into one statement. "The existing form building options are either expensive or generic in customisation." And that's what nudged us to develop a new Figma plugin tailored specifically to forms and surveys! Our aim is to make form building affordable, fun, and of course, as custom as it can get.

You can try the plugin here.

Our vision: Limitless Approach

We just launched our AI form builder for Figma and it is currently available in free beta. As it is the earliest version of the tool, you might not find certain advanced features just yet. But we have big plans for the next versions of the plugin, so you can definitely expect more advanced functionality very soon.

Our vision is to make the form building process as limitless as possible. First of all, there are no limits to what your form can look like. You can design a form with any colours, fonts, images, type of questions, and much more. Secondly, we are working on providing unlimited complexity for the forms you build with Weavely. In the upcoming versions of the tool you'll be able to integrate conditional logic that adapts and responds based on user input. Weavely will also integrate with various third-party services like Zapier, Notion, AirTable and more to further process collected responses. Last but not least, we're not imposing any volume-based limits on responses you collect from your form. Furthermore, our goal is no limit to the kind of responses you wish to collect — whether it’s text, images, speech or location.

Try Weavely and Let Us Know What You Think

Weavely is the first AI form builder in Figma. Being a pioneer is always challenging, so we really appreciate any feedback from our users. To help us build a truly powerful form building tool, we want to co-create our product with you and implement the features that you actually need. Your needs are our priority - share what functionality matters to you the most when creating forms and surveys. Join our slack channel, leave a comment on our Figma community page or send us an email.

Weavely turns your Figma designs into working forms
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